Oficina São João signed the Art Direction (Avelino Los Reis) of the entire TV series on the life and work of José Mojica Marins,Zé do  caixão. In addition to the Art Direction, the OSJ also did the entire production set that featured 70 different scenarios, some were fictional scenarios such as Mojica's parents' house, movie theater, office and the famous Soberano bar ', another part came from the reproduction of the scenarios of the original films of the Zé of the Casket.

      The reproduction of the original scenarios  required a long investigation of the director´s cinematographic work as well as testimonies of his collaborators in order to achieve maximum realism.


series frame ©OSJ2016


in the recording set of the shooting area ©OSJ2016


movie scene playback from ‘a meia noite levarei sua alma’ ©OSJ2016


scene from ‘a meia noite levarei sua alma’ ©OSJ2016


serie scene ©OSJ2016


set of the company's office ©OSJ2016


Date: 2015

Author: Oficina São João

Client: Contente Produções

39a Mostra Internacional de Cinema