The apartment in Copan building is an OSJ project made in collaboration with a German architect Julian Löffler who was interested in renovating the apartment and renting it overnight on the website 'Airbnb'. The rennovation relied on the change of a closet position in the hallway, leaving more room for a bookshelf with a glass bottom separating the bathroom, allowing light to enter in the bathroom.
    The billard removed in the renovation were used to make the furniture of the room (a high table, a low table and the bedhead.) The idea was to reuse the material and design furniture that would 'camouflage' the apartment. The room is on the top floor of the building and has a wide view on the city. To enhance this view and 'widen' the space, was created two mirror doors which can close to stop the light and open to reflect the view of the city inside the room.


windows with mirror posts ©OSJ2012


view from the room ©OSJ2012


mirrors, doors and furnitures made exclusively for the room  ©OSJ2012

glass bookshelf to separate the room and the bathroom ©OSJ2012

Date: 2012
Type: Architecture and Artwork
Tecnique: Woodwork
Author: Oficina São João + Jorge Alma