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     Oficina São João is a producer of works of art and creates what's needed together with the client, such as developing a project for an exhibition or providing support for the installation of works in a collector's home.

     Through a multidisciplinary methodology, our specialty is the unknown: materials, techniques, unexplored and unconventional spaces attract us and are not a reason to refuse project, making our portfolio plural and innovative.

     Operating since 2013, we are a team that is qualifed, diverse, and mutable in our roles. We execute our projects in our workshop, which is equipped with hundreds of different tools and machines. In addition, we assemble the team that best fits your project, always seeking the exchange of knowledge between our specialists and suppliers.

     Technique and getting our hands dirty are always important for the development of joint work, but we emphasize that, during the project, dialogue, research and prototypes are also essential for a satisfactory delivery to all.

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