Through a multidisciplinary methodology and an process of exchanging ideas with professionals from different areas (architects, artists, scenographers, carpenters, designers, locksmiths, geographers, masons, photographers, economists and scientists)we developed from concept to product, whether it is  a poster, scenery, chair, building or an idea. We believe in the execellence in execution and in strong concepts. We like to change uses and experiment with unconventional materials.

   We work with skilled craftsmen and technicians. We value  the natural imperfections of materials and manual process. We develop our projects in our own workshop in a constant dialogue between drawing and prototype. We believe that exchange of knowledge and skills is a real motor for creativity. For that reason we open our doors to share our experience and structure with others professionals, promoting workshops and events as a way to debate and spread new ideas. 

   Running since 2013 and directed by the architects Avelino Los Reis and Rubens Azevedo, Oficina São João is the product of 20 years of individual experiences in the brazilian and international markets of architecture, design, cinema, crafts.