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   Oficina São João, located in the center of São Paulo, has been developing artistic works from various segments, since its foundation in 2013, .

Today we have over three hundred completed projects, ranging from small to monumental scales, because we understand that artistic work, in addition to conveying a certain message, also aims at the transmission or transfiguration of the artistic vision employed in a particular material.

The artist is actually our main working tool, from the perfection applied to a screw to  the work of its placement in the exhibition space.

Just like in art, the execution work demands technique and sensitivity, as it is an extension of the creator's work. For this reason, we specialize in working with the unknown, understanding that each artist's visions are unique in their spaces and times.

Each client is treated here with the weight and significance that their idea holds for them, regardless of the stage it is in, whether it's a sketch, a concept, or a rough draft. Our specialized team will strive to perfectly understand the requirements of each project submitted to us for budgeting.

And obviously, even though we work with immaterial concepts, we understand the importance of deadlines and presentations. As we mentioned before, we comprehend the unique nature of an artistic vision in its own space and time. It is this dedicated commitment that allows us to proudly state that we have never missed a single deadline.

   Upon receiving a comission, we immediately seek to understand the vision that the client wishes to expose, and what purpose that project will serve, its exhibition location, the duration of the exhibition, and any thematic resources that may arise from it.

In a second stage, having already incorporated the main idea, we highlight, among our specialized team, the best professionals, not exactly for the materials to be used in the production, but for the understanding of the idea and the message to be transmitted.

Aware that each piece is unique and that each project seeks its own identity, we seek to work with the client during the execution, because we know that a work can hardly be separated from the person who originally conceived it.

We seek to become partners with our clients, so that their vision is not lost at any stage of the process. For us, the execution is made up of several phases, in which the project is being materialized, made real, and during each of these phases, we understand that the client's participation is not only desired, but in many ways, fundamental. That's why we established a direct and simple line of communication with our customers, so that they can monitor each process, so as to not lose what they have conceived.

Having already worked with the best galleries in São Paulo, and with national and international artists, we have become specialized in working with different types of materials and even the materials that we don't have. We have built over the years an important network of suppliers, and above everything, we look for the new, for projects that challenge us.

Our work, after all, is managing resources and logistics, so that the client can dedicate himself and be concerned only with transmitting his own vision, his idea and his feelings to the piece. We transform the execution of the piece into a unique moment, in alignment with artistic thought, so that this moment is less stressful for the client and that the execution composes the complex creation work in a pleasant way.

Respect, dedication and sensitivity are the hallmarks of Oficina São João's work, which is why we invite you, artist or not, who have an idea that you want to make real, material, palpable, to get to know not only our work, but also our facilities and teams, always ready to turn your vision into reality, from conception to installation.

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