In 2012 we received an order from a client, she sent us an image of Sérgio Rodrigues' table called Vitrine and said she wanted an similar one. Our answer was to draw a table with the same proportions but made with another material: concrete, using constructive principles applied to wood: the fitting. The customer did not like the table being 'too heavy', the project was saved.

    The following year, during a conversation at a bar table, a friend complained that he was unmotivated with his work in the office, 'I can not stand the computer all day, I have to build something.' The answer came immediately, 'there's a table to make ! 'He ran into it and the next day, Saturday morning we were in the workshop drawing the shapes and carrying the material in the back. We finished concreting the same day.

    We think that the table embodies very well the aesthetics of the Brutalist architecture of the Paulista school of architecture. We like it very much because it seems ancien and from another time, but without being a pastiche. We name the table Gertrudes for that reason.


‘Convocatória para um Mobiliário Brasileiro’

by Jonathas de Andrade at MASP ©OSJ2017




joint detail ©OSJ2013


Date: 2013

Author: Oficina São João