polish refuge

     In this installation, the challenge was not limited to a purely formal or technical issue. The fact that the artist / architect choose to build a house in the most inhospitable space of the institution - an unused terrace for more than 30 years - led him to have to deal with two fundamental characteristics of the place. On the one hand, it is the only space of the Casa do Povo which allows the open air, subject to the inclemencies and,  connected the idea of ​​temporary. On the other hand, the terrace is far from the institution entrance and is difficult to access, it is an intimate place, a true refuge.
     Oficina São João worked in direct contact with the architect Jakub and his team in order to find the materials and the ideal constructive techniques to materialize the project and to better translated the desired lightness effect. The OSJ team developed tests and research, ratified the technical drawings of the 100 pieces (all different) sent by the architect, coordinated the manufacturing and production logistics of the pieces and made the assembly of the structure / cover.


Installation ©OSJ2016

event presentation of the polish culture in Brasil ©ChicoDaviña


event presentation of the polish culture in Brasil ©ChicoDaviña

Date: 2016
Tecnique: production and execution
Author: Jakub Szczesny

Client: Casa do Povo